Larimar Necklace

Larimar Necklace

Adjustable necklace rope necklace with Larimar stone from Dominican Republic. 


Larimar is a gemstone that comes from blue pectolite, a mineral that can only be found on the island of Hispaniola in the Dominican Republic.This beautiful blue and white stone is sometimes referred to as the 'gem of the Caribbean' not only because of where it's found but also because of its colour and markings which resemble the Caribbean Sea.


It was once claimed by a spiritual master that the islands in the Caribbean were part of the lost continent of Atlantis and one day would produce a blue mineral with the power to heal. Believing this was a reference to larimar the stone is also sometimes referred to as Atlantis Stone.


The first official record of larimar was made in 1916 but the stone is likely to have been known by the Taíno Indians who inhabited the islands for a thousand years before Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World. It's also highly sought after for use in crystal healing and is said to help balance extremes of emotion, encourage tolerance, relax conscious awareness and broaden experience of space and time.


It awakens inner wisdom when moving through periods of stress and change and enables challenges to be met whilst staying level headed. Larimar draws you closer to your soul mate and helps to heal heartache and pain from relationships. When used in reflexology it pinpoints the site of disease and clears meridians.