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Embrace Your Wellness Journey with Artesana Healing

Welcome to Artesana Healing, where ancient Taino wisdom intertwines with modern science. I'm an afro-indigenous woman descendent of Dominican Curanderos (shamanic healers), blending touch healing traditions with contemporary psychology. Embark on a journey of holistic balance, guided by generations of ancestral knowledge. Together, we'll navigate the pathways to physical vitality, emotional harmony, mental clarity, and spiritual alignment. Join me in this transformative fusion of heritage and healing, where authenticity and trust pave the way to your well-being.

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ARTeSANA, a name that beautifully encapsulates both craftswomanship and the art of healing, invites you to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and restoration. I am honored to guide you through an enchanting realm of vibrational biofield tuning, sound healing, ancient Kambo rituals, heart-opening cacao ceremonies, revitalizing yoga, and insightful readings.


Imagine a space where energies converge, weaving a tapestry of wellness for all who seek it. At ARTeSANA, my vision is to create a sanctuary where the boundaries between the physical, mental, and energetic realms blur, allowing you to transmute dis-ease and rediscover harmony within yourself.


Guided by the wisdom of my ancestors, I extend an open-hearted invitation to all genders and souls from diverse walks of life to unite as co-creators of the lives they yearn for. Together, we will embark on a collective journey of remembering – a journey that rekindles ancient traditions, embraces the power of ceremony, and celebrates the strength of community.


Within these sacred digital pages, you will find the keys to unlock your true potential, to reawaken dormant energies, and to embark on a holistic voyage towards equilibrium. My offerings are not just services; they are pathways to transformation, portals to profound healing, and bridges connecting you to your innate power.

So, dear traveler of the soul, I invite you to step into the embrace of ARTeSANA. Let's walk hand in hand on this sacred path of rediscovery, healing, and unity. Together, we will weave a new story – a story of empowerment, connection, and the vibrant tapestry of our shared existence.



Biofield Tuning is a subtle energy sound therapy modality that uses medical grade tuning forks on the body and its energetic field to remove distortion created by incoherent waveforms. The sound waves produced by the forks depict distortion and blockages in the aura from past traumatic events, harmful thinking/behavioral patterns, environmental stressors, and many other events that disrupt healthy emotional, mental, physical, and energetic wellbeing. Potential benefits include, increased energy. reduced damage from stress and how you react to the stress, removal of blockages, and "stuck energy." It may also help with pain, acute and chronic, fear, anxiety, depression​, addictions, panic attacks, phobias, migraine headaches​, fibromyalgia, and PTSD.​




Feel safe and supported moving through posture sequences designed for your unique needs. With six years of teaching experience, a passion for sound healing and intuitive movement, my class will leave you feeling relaxed and equipped with the tools you need to bring your body into optimal health.



Using medical grade tuning forks and harmonic resonance healing to normalize imbalances in the body and restore the human energy field to its true frequencies.



Immerse your body in a 7 chakra crystal singing bowl sound bath experience to relax the body and ease the mind.



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