“Que salga el mal, y entre el bien” 

-Papa Liborio

“Out With the bad, in with the good”

-Papa Liborio



ARTeSANA is a word that dually translates to craftswoman and art healing or healing arts. Jo’s vision for ARTeSANA is to provide quality products with healing properties and avail her healing services such as vibrational biofield tuning, sound meditation, yoga therapy, counseling, healing jewelry, tuning forks, herbs, art work, readings, and more. ARTeSANA is both a tribute and resource to and for Taino/African/Dominican arts and artists. We invite and welcome all genders and supporters from all walks of life to create, heal, and celebrate the beautiful island of Quisqueya (mother of lands). This page is an extension of my DNA, a rebellion against abuse, and a manifestation of a longing to restore the healing practices of my ancestors.

Proceeds of this site will be used to support the artists and healers sharing their gifts through ARTeSANA and towards the expansion of this virtual healing arts portal. 

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What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield Tuning is a subtle energy sound therapy modality that uses medical grade tuning forks on the body and its energetic field to remove distortion created by incoherent waveforms. The sound waves produced by the forks depict distortion and blockages in the aura from past traumatic events, harmful thinking/behavioral patterns, environmental stressors, and many other events that disrupt healthy emotional, mental, physical, and energetic wellbeing. Potential benefits include, increased energy. reduced damage from stress and how you react to the stress, removal of blockages, and "stuck energy." It may also help with pain, acute and chronic, fear, anxiety, depression​, addictions, panic attacks, phobias, migraine headaches​, fibromyalgia, and PTSD.




Vinyasa Yoga

Feel safe and supported moving through posture sequences designed for your unique needs. With six years of teaching experience, a passion for sound healing and intuitive movement, my class will leave you feeling relaxed and equipped with the tools you need to bring your body into optimal health.


Vibrational Biofield Tuning

Using medical grade tuning forks and harmonic resonance healing to normalize imbalances in the body and restore the human energy field to its true frequencies.


Sound Healing

Immerse your body in a 7 chakra crystal singing bowl sound bath experience to relax the body and ease the mind.



Joaly Trinidad, best known and referred to as Jo, is a Queens native with a Dominican heritage strongly rooted in Taino and African history. She is a service-oriented leader, artist, and therapist whose passions led her to create ARTeSANA. A healer with a fine radar for subtle frequencies. She sources her connection from nature as a means of communicating her practice.

As a graduate from New York University with a master's in Bilingual Counseling, Jo offers mindfulness-based practices, art, sound therapy, and herbal medicine to individuals in marginalized communities. She is most passionate about youth mental health, generational trauma, women’s empowerment, and the development of individuals and families who seek guidance and leadership.


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