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Within the embrace of ARTeSANA, you hold the power to become your own healer. Whether you find resonance in the soothing sounds of healing, discover vitality through the flowing practice of yoga, unveil profound insights through biofield tuning, or undergo transformative experiences in Kambo and cacao ceremonies – each offering becomes a stepping stone on your personal journey towards empowerment and self-discovery.


Embark on a somatically nourishing yin and vinyasa yoga practice designed to help you reconnect with your body's wisdom, cultivating a sense of balance and vitality that resonates far beyond the mat.

Biofield Tuning

Tune in to your energetic essence through a Biofield Tuning session, as the art of sound combines with a shamanic voyage into your electric field, regathering your light body (biophotons), ushering profound relaxation, delivering profound insights, alleviating stress, and restoring equilibrium to your being.

Kambo Ceremony

Receive the many benefits of Kambo through a private ceremony. This profound and purifying experience creates a safe container where you connect with your innate wisdom and the cleansing energy of frog medicine, all within the protective embrace of the Amazon's vaccine for the soul.


Dive into a transformative journey of Breathwork, where the fusion of somatic Breathwork and clarity Breathwork techniques converge to gently release mental and emotional blockages. Experience a profound shift towards enhanced clarity, holistic wellness, and a more harmonious alignment with your unique path of personal well-being.

Sound Therapy

Immerse yourself in a harmonious journey, bathing your cells in the transformative frequencies of Alchemy crystal and Tibetan sound bowls, gongs, shamanic drumming, shakers, and chimes. This symphony of alchemy creates a holistic experience, enriching your body and soul with the healing power of sound.

Cacao Ceremony

Indulge a ceremonial grade delicious cacao elixir embarking you on a heart-opening cacao ceremony that awakens your senses and fosters connection, paving the way for a transformative sound experience that resonates deep within, guiding you towards harmony inner alignment.

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